Our Services

WATER AND WASTEWATER ANALYSIS. BOD, COD, TSS; oil content, pH, PCB, OCl and OP; heavy metals, organic analyses (alcohol, trichloroethylene, tetrachloroethylene, and other hydrocarbons)

SOIL ANALYSIS. PCB, OCl and OP pesticides, heavy metals, pH determination

AIR QUALITY MONITORING. Ambient (NOx, TSP) and Metals (Hg, CO, Pb, As, etc.); Stack (Method 29, SO2, NO2, CO, PM, BTEX, aromatics, volatile organic, etc.)

PESTICIDE RESIDUE ANALYSIS. This covers all residue analyses of herbicides, nematicides, insecticides, and fungicides including household pesticides on agricultural matrices, processed foods, feedstuff, soil, sediments, water, etc.

PESTICIDE FORMULATION ANALYSIS, RESEARCH, AND DEVELOPMENT. This includes identification and quantification, physico-chemical properties, storage stability, and GLP requirements for FPA registration. We develop pesticide formulation for our esteemed clients.

In addition, we also conduct SUPERVISED PESTICIDE RESIDUE TRIALS in crops as a requirement for pesticide registrations.

Jefcor is proud to have trained and produced more than a hundred chromatographers through its chromatography school. These expert chromatographers are assigned in different industries, research institutions, and government laboratories all over the country.

As our way of sharing our expertise to our industrial clients, we provide consultancy services in disciplines we believe we have solid competency. Where applicable, professional expertise is extended to clients for their technical requirements and help them prepare for their organization's technical self-reliance. Jefcor provides consultancy services in:

Method development and method validations involving high-precision analytical equipment such as GC, HPLC, ICP-MS, and spectrophotometry

Laboratory Quality Management System and technical requirements of ISO 17025:2005 accreditation

Wastewater treatment for companies who need to develop wastewater treatment facilities (includes design, method development, procurement of facility equipment, and other environmental compliance requirement)

Laboratory Lay-outing for newly-established companies, and laboratory refurbishing